Mike Madigan Numerologist.com Review

Are you looking for life’s purpose? Are you looking for health, peace, and happiness in an uncertain world? Are you dissatisfied with your personal relationships? Numerology can help you find patterns in and connections between all the different elements of your life, and give you confidence to move forward.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is a belief in the connection between a number and one or more events. It has ancient foundations. Numerology has even garnered support from religion. St. Augustine of Hippo believed that there were numerical relationships between all things.

Numerology is not a mere palm reading or horoscope. It is based on established scientific principles. Understanding how numbers relate to dates, names, and the individual has helped thousands of people find career and business success, ease financial strain, and live happier lives. Many celebrities also trust numerology’s ability to help them find purpose. You also deserve to reach your full potential.

What are the Different Types of Numerology?

There are several different types of numerology, each from a different country or culture. There are the Abjad numerals in Arabic, Hebrew numerals, Armenian numerals, and Greek numerals. There is a Jewish practice, known as gematria, of assigning spiritual meanings to words based on their numeric value. Finally, there is Chinese numerology.

Of these, Chinese numerology is perhaps the most famous. For centuries, numbers have held spiritual significance in Chinese culture. Even numbers are traditionally considered to be lucky, while odd numbers are unlucky. Numbers have a very visible presence in acupuncture, which is based on the mystical association between numbers and parts of the body. By stimulating these points with needles, relief from pain and other ailments is believed possible.

Chinese Numerology Reports reveal fundamental character traits and how to apply them successfully to our daily living. By applying numerology to the Chinese calendar, we can see where the numbers align with your birth year in the Chinese zodiac. Every animal in the Chinese zodiac has a distinctive personality.

For example, the year 2019 is the year of the Rooster. It is also a ‘1’ year and a Fire Rooster year. This year is an excellent time to develop and practice loyalty, leadership, and commitment. Even if you weren’t born in the year of the Rooster, anyone can act as a Rooster does.

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Who is Mike Madigan?

There is untapped potential living inside each one of us. Mike Madigan knows this and established Numerologist.com to be a leading provider of online numerology reports. He is an extremely bright former mathematician dedicated to promoting the science behind numerology. It is Mike’s belief that the magnificent power behind numerology, which very few of us truly understand, deserves to be more widely known.

Mike Madigan regularly publishes eBooks on the subject, which are available on the Numerologist.com website. He has also written on palmistry, the ancient art of unlocking the hidden symbolism in our hands. Mike and his team of numerologists at Numerologist.com are dedicated to helping everyone gain deeper self-knowledge and empowerment.

when you have a dream you have to grab it and never let it go

What is Numerologist.com?

Numerologist.com is one of the best, and most reputable, numerology sites out there. We are a team of numerologists, writers, educators, and tech developers who are committed to providing credible information and education on numerology. We have been around for a long time, and we’ve seen what a difference numerology makes in our lives and what it can make in yours.

Over 400,000 Facebook fans rely on Numerologist.com to provide trustworthy numerology reports. Individuals who have used our reports are amazed at how accurate the predictions are and how their lives are changed for the better.

Numerologist.com is simple to understand and easy to use. Each full, free numerology report is unique to the individual. The Numerologist.com’s flagship offering, The Premium Numerology Report, is over 100 pages of comprehensive insights into your numbers and what they hold in store for you. Based on your name and date of birth, the Report includes surprising predictions about your life for the next 9 years, so you can be prepared for the unexpected. The Premium Numerology Report contains full readings about your true nature and undeveloped talents. This is a $497 value and you can get a free personalized sample.

The Numerologist.com site is not limited to numerology reports. We are dedicated to helping you unlock every aspect of your subconscious mind. For Tarot beginners looking for a fast, simple way to master the cards, we have developed three simple steps to understanding how Tarot can enhance your life.

What about relationships? Are you worried about unexpected rifts with a friend, a lover, or your family? Use our 1-Minute Relationship Predictor to see what lies ahead. Everyone’s life moves in nine year cycles, but you and those closest to you might be on completely different cycles. You will explore how close your cycle is to coworkers, friends, and family. The Romantic Compatibility Analysis determines how closely you and your lover’s energy cycles match up.

If you are looking for daily support, we have several apps for a daily reaffirmation of numerological consistency: Lucky Number Analysis, Personalized Numerology Lessons, and Personality/Future Mini-Readings, all on demand. You don’t have to feel lost on the subway. There is a numerical foundation for why you are here, and where you are meant to go.

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What are the Pros and Cons of Numerologist.com?

Using numerology to realize your full self is one of its most powerful applications. The Pros of using Numerologist.com’s predictions to find out more about your subconscious, ‘hidden’ self is that it is not mere hypothesizing. Using Mike Madigan’s patented Predictive Numerology Method™, our reports accurately answer the most fundamental questions about yourself and your future.

However, numerology is not for everyone, especially people who have been schooled in religious traditions and dismiss numerology as a mere numbers game. But, if you are genuinely invested in learning what your numbers have in store for you, numerology is a time-tested source of wisdom.

Developing the Self through Numerology

Through a free Numerologist.com reading, customized to your unique name and birthday, you will get the answers you’re looking for. Your three core numbers will be calculated and explained. You’ll know the basics of numerology and how to apply these principles to your daily life. It couldn’t be cheaper – and this couldn’t be a better time for you to get in touch with your authentic self.

What are the three core numbers? They are Life Path, Expression, and Soul Urge. Unlike a horoscope that makes blanket statements about your future, everyone’s core numbers are as different as their numerological profile.

– The Life Path Number

The Life Path number is one of the most famous numbers in numerology, and maps out what direction your life will take.

– The Expression Number

The Expression number illumines every aspect of your personality – the known and unknown talents you possess; what you need in order to be complete at this moment; and how to reach your full potential. Feeling that energy, will let you feel at peace with your life’s journey and be able to make progress.

– The Soul Urge

The third core number, the Soul Urge, will help you connect or reconnect with what makes you truly feel the soul urgealive. Do you feel like you’ve lost a reason for living? Knowing your Soul Urge number will help you reclaim your passions. You can also gain deeper insight into your loved one’s passions by knowing their Soul Urge number.

These three numbers are utterly unique to you and can never be copied. They’re based on the letters that compose your birth name. No one else will have the same core numbers you do.

It’s often said that people have a certain “aura” about them. By examining what your aura says about you, it is possible to make predictions about the future based on your current personality and abilities. Numerologist.com offers a guide for interpreting and fully embracing your aura.

Additional Guidance

We all want to feel loved and guided. One of the ways to tangibly feel this is through angel messages.

These are Numerologist.com guardians:

Elizabeth Harper, an angel medium, posts weekly videos where she shares what your angels are telling you and what color energy they are transmitting. When we actively listen to our angels, we feel their support present with us.

It’s also always important to be prepared for what’s next.

Natalie Pescetti is a Superpower Coach & Consultant who leads individuals and companies in developing their ‘superpowers’ through Archetypical Numerology. In her videos, she shows you your mid-month numerology forecast so you know what’s coming and how to develop yourself in response. Every one of us can overcome what’s blocking us, say what’s needed to be said, and live as our most authentic selves.

In addition, Jessica McKay, a spiritual teacher, shows you, through monthly relationship and spirit guide readings, how your spirit guide can direct you in the way you most need to go.

Please also reach out to Numerologist.com directly if you have any questions about your numerological report and want more help.

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  1. I’ve heard of Numerology before but never had the chance to really read up on the belief. I guess this is where the term, “my lucky number,” comes from? I might have to look into this a little more because I don’t know how knowing my “numbers” will help me in the future.

    • Just give it a try and I hope you’ll like it. It’s the best Numerology based program, I’ve ever used.

  2. If it’s one (of many) things life has taught me, it’s that there’s a lot I don’t know.
    Things like numerology, astrology, palmistry, the tarot, auras and so much more are all attributes to I feel contribute to the human experience in ways I’ll probably never fully understand, but that doesn’t mean I would ever doubt their authenticity.

    I’ve heard of Numerologist.com, but I haven’t gone over there to check it out. I do feel there’s a lot more to this than the simple numbers of our birthdays or any other relevant numbers of the days, months and years. There are probably specific formulas unique to everyone and most likely, all encompassing.
    I think it’s cool you pointed out this isn’t for everyone. People with strong belief systems aren’t open-minded, and in my opinion, this is the sort of thing that requires being open and curious.

    I don’t think any of us are really in a position to cast doubt about things we don’t comprehend, but of course, critical thinking and discernment are assets.

    Very intriguing topic. Thanks for sharing this 🙂