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Find out how the secret numerology meanings in your date of birth affect your life! Your numerology profile shows you your unique journey this lifetime, and reveals your special abilities and talents. If you know your life path number, you can reveal what destiny may have in store for you, and find out whether you are living up to your potential!

For this reason, some numerologists consider the life path number to be the most important number in your numerology profile.

When you know your life path number, you can gain a better idea of where you can find happiness and contentment as it gives you a greater understanding of yourself. You can use numerology meanings to improve your relationships, your career and your overall well-being.

how to find your life path number

How To Find Your Life Path Number

In 5 Easy Steps

To find your life path number, simply add together the day, month and year you were born. For example, lets work this out for popular actor Brad Pitt who was born on 18 December 1963.

Month of birth = December = 12 (1 plus 2 plus = 3), so December = 3.

Day of birth = 18 (1 plus 8 = 9), so his birth day = 9

Year of birth = 1963 (1 plus 9 plus 6 plus 3) = 19. Reduce this to one digit by adding 1 and 9 together to make 10 and then 1 plus 0 = 1)

Life Path Number (add the reduced month, day and year) = 3 (month) plus 9 (day) plus 1 (year) = 13; = 1 plus 3 = 4.

This means that Brad Pitt has a Life Path of 4, and his path is one of loyalty, stability, reliability and building for the future. Now let’s work this out for you.

Finding Your Own Life Path

  1. Birth month number (reduce to a single digit, if necessary): ————
  2. Birth day number (reduce to a single digit, if necessary):—————
  3. Add birth year numbers together and reduce their double-digit sum to a single digit result):—————-
  4. Add together your results for the birth month, day and year reduced numbers (you may get a double-digit result):————–
  5. Reduce the final double-digit sum of your calculation to get your Life Path Number:—————

What Your Life Path Number Reveals

Life Path 1 & Life Path 2

Life Path Number 1

If you have a life path of 1, you are a born leader with a pioneering, independent spirit. You have an innate talent for leadership and your life will present you with many opportunities to use this talent. You will want to pursue a career or life direction which enables you to display your strong independence and your ability to lead others.

Life Path Number 2

Your life path number reveals a born peacemaker. You seek harmony and balance in everything you do, and you seek to draw others together in harmonious ways. You relate well to others, although you can be extremely sensitive. However, you can learn to use this sensitivity as a gift in dealing with other people by helping to create cooperation and understanding between them.

Numerology Meanings – Life Paths 3 & 4

Life Path Number 3

Those with a life path number of 3 are born communicators and are often extremely creative and artistic. They can inspire others with their imaginative flair and are often spontaneous and enthusiastic in their approach to life. This is the number of joyous self-expression, so any career that involves an artistic outlet will be rewarding, such as speaking, writing, acting or coaching.

Life Path Number 4

If you have a life path of 4, you will have an inherent drive to work hard and create a secure future for yourself and your family. You are steadfast and reliable, great at maintaining systems and following rules. You will probably enjoy administrative roles where your practical nature can shine and you can showcase your organizational ability. You take your responsibilities in life seriously and are very dependable, preferring not to rock the boat.

Numerology Meanings – Life Paths 5 & 6

Life Path Number 5

This life path number is all about the love of change. You will probably dislike routine in your life and will seek out freedom. You’re probably very good at a number of different trades, although your natural inclination is to work in dynamic industries such as sales, public relations, marketing and communications.

Life Path Number 6

Those with a life path of 6 will have an innate drive to provide service and nurturing to others, whether it’s people, animals or plants. You will love to teach and provide wisdom to others and will often be involved in humanitarian efforts. You are able to provide counsel and support in times of need and would enjoy a career where you can assist others professionally, such as a counsellor or therapist.

Numerology Meanings – Life Paths 7, 8 & 9

Life Path Number 7

Those with a life path number 7 are attracted to the meritorious and spiritual aspects of life. Not content to take things at face value, a number 7 will study and analyze until they get to the bottom of things. They seek out knowledge and are often philosophical in their approach to the world. They make great teachers and spiritual leaders.

Life Path Number 8

This life path number is all about authority and mastery. Those with this life path number are born to be the boss, whether working for themselves or heading large corporations. These people have a natural gift for leadership and find it easy to motivate others. They tend to display good judgment and for this reason, they will find that people naturally come to them for advice and guidance.

Life Path Number 9

A life path number of 9 means a desire to express the idea of connectness and the ideals of universal love. You display a natural compassion and tolerance towards living things and will often be involved in humanitarian efforts. A person with the life path number of 9 is often attracted to the healing arts, or any vocation where they are able to utilize their desire to heal and help.

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Numerology Numbers – Your Personal Year Number

Do you know the best year for you to get married, move house, change careers or travel across Europe? Numerology numbers are the cosmic code of the universe. Every number has its own unique vibration, and when we understand how these affect our lives we can learn to use these energies for our benefit.

In numerology numbers your personal year number tells you what might be in store for you this calendar year. By knowing this number and what it means you can avoid difficulties and position yourself for more positive outcomes.

Your personal year number is one of the most important numbers in your life, so it’s worth working out what this is and what it means for you. Each personal year number has its own characteristics. Numerology numbers tell the story.

How To Find Your Personal Year Number

It’s easy to find your personal year number. All you need to do is add your month of birth + day of birth + current calendar year.

For example, if you were born on 5th August and you are in the year 2010, you would simply add:

5 + 8 + 3 (2010 reduced to a single digit by adding 2 + 1) = 16 = 7 (1 + 6 = 7)

In this example the personal year number is 7, a year of rest and rejuvenation as well as studying and spiritual pursuits.

Now you try it!

Personal Year Number 1

This is the year for new beginnings. It’s a great time to begin a new project, as you are placing the seeds for the next 9 years. It’s a time for independence, taking charge and focusing on numerology personal number 1yourself.

You are starting a new cycle so everything you do in this year will have consequences for your future. Focus on yourself and start planting the seeds for growth.

Use this year to change your image, work on self-improvement and focus on your personal goals.

Want to know more? Get your free in-depth numerology report here!

Personal Year Number 2

This is the year where you will spend a lot of energy relating to others. Use this time to listen, be sensitive and cooperate.

It’s a time for seeking harmony in everything you do, so expect some compromising and respecting the needs of others, a lot of the time above your own. It can be a time of delays and waiting, but by taking things slowly you will feel a sense of peace.

Although this is not a year of getting things done, adaptability and balance will be key.

Personal Year Number 3

This is a year when you find your creative juices are really flowing and you will want to express yourself in projects such as writing, public speaking or anywhere you can show an artistic flair.

It’s also a time where you will feel the need to express what is truly in your heart, so this can cause some turmoil and emotional upset.

If you get through this though, you will find that this year brings a lot of opportunity for joy and having fun. This is the time to really express yourself and speak your truth.

Personal Year Number 4

A 4 year is a time where the foundations of your future need to be laid down. It’s a time for setting up systems and putting down roots. You will feel the need to make things secure, and stability and bringing order to your world will be very important.

As well as this, a number 4 year is about family and home, so it’s about setting up these foundation pieces in your life, as well as dealing with any remaining family issues that need to be resolved.

Because of this it can be a time of upheaval as well as a time for building solid foundations.

Personal Year Number 5

More than any other year, this is the time to make any large changes in your life.

Whether you want a change of work, a change of direction or want to sell up and travel the world, a number 5 year will aid any kind or personal transitions. You may find yourself getting involved in new subjects, trying unusual hobbies or even going back to school.

This is the time when you can take the risks in your life that you’ve always thought about.

Personal Year Number 6

This is a time when you may be called upon to nurture or give service to family members and those you care about. It’s a year when your generosity and sympathy may be stretched to its limits by family demands and responsibilities.

Also, you may find that marital issues move to the forefront in this year, and you may be put in a situation where you have to decide whether you want to continue your relationship or move on.

This year will demand that you balance your needs against the needs of others.

Personal Year Number 7

This year will push you to do a lot of introspective analysis and you may find that you desire a lot more solitude and quiet in order to do this. You will feel the need for rest and peace as you look for inner guidance.

You may find yourself drawn to spiritual learning and mystical subjects. It’s also a time where you will want to achieve some kind of body detoxification and purification, so you will be drawn to diets, cleansing programs etc.

You will seek spiritual direction and will need to tap into your inner resources.

Personal Year Number 8

This is the ideal year to tap into the energy or power, success and money and achieve your goals in this area. You will find yourself taking the lead, whether at work or at home.

Others will look to you to oversee what needs to be done and you will find that you need to act as an authority in some areas of your life.

Money will flow easily to you during this time, but it’s not a year to be extravagant or selfish.

Personal Year Number 9

This is the time for finishing and bringing closure to all the loose ends of your life.

It is the end of a 9 year cycle, so you will be reaping everything you sowed in the 8 years prior to this. The energy of this year is about letting go, finishing and looking ahead to the next 9 year cycle.

Use this time to wrap up any outstanding issues or unfinished business and forgive and forget any ongoing problems. This is the year to prepare for the next 9 years!

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The Combination Locks for Your Success Is In Your Name

Your name meaning is not only the Hebrew phrase you can find while browsing in internet. Mine is “God is my Judge” (For Daniel). That’s beautiful but doesn’t give me too much clue of my life right?

In Astrology, your birth date is the most important event in your life. Of course it is but it is not all. When you combine your birth date with your name, you have all the power of knowing your whole story in the earth.

In Numerology your name is converted into numbers and those numbers consistent of your name and birth date gives a UNIQUE fingerprint in the Universe. Numerology readings provide you with very important information so that you can profit abundantly from your life.

What the Emotional Transits do in Your Life – Name Meaning

This is the part where the Ingredients of people’s lives are formed, which influences every emotion and drives people on to do what they do. This section, in conjunction with the Essence, literally enables the Numerologist to see into the future.

Most people have an average of 3 names. These three names are written normally with the First names (Christian names) from left to right, followed by the Surname; i.e. in a series formation.

The way the name is written in preparation for analysis is different than simply writing it in sequence as above. Each name is written in Parallel, one above the other and in such a manner that the letters themselves are also extended or stretched out according to their numerical value.

This is like writing your name on a white balloon before it is inflated and then stretching it out so the name becomes elongated. If you remember the film “The Matrix” and all the green numbers, symbols and letters that were raining down the screens, this is what it looks like. Once you know the secret code format, you can read a person’s life in the Past, see their Present activities and look as deep into their Future as you like — and it’s all-accurate.

Each letter has an individual meaning, a duration of time, and is independent from the other letters. Sometimes it extends its energy beyond its fellow letters, and sometimes it is shorter than the letters around it.

These are the Transitional periods of each letter and to some degree look like the exchange in a relay race where the runners pass on the baton to the next runner. You will note there is never an exact period of exchange for all the runners and their batons at the same time, they are staggered. This is the form the letters have as they transit through your life and it is fascinating.

I hope you find Numerology as fascinating as I do. If you feel like commenting this blog please do so and perhaps you would like to share with your friends. They would like to check it out as well!

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Does Really Work?

No longer shall your name be called Abram, but your name shall be Abraham; for I will make you the father of a multitude of nations.” Genesis 17:5

You probably already know that what your NAME means is key and can be a POWERFUL domineering in life. The traditional birthday horoscope is consulted long time ago as well since birthday has also a profound impact in our life, dreams, and abilities.

Your birthday and name are part of the numerology calculation making this, one of the most accurate readings; let’s say in a branch of the astrology.numbers

I’m a very interested guy in these matters as I believe we all are blessed with special gifts that make us special and singular.

I also believe God has provided us with some clues which if we are aware of, we can make our life fulfilled and joyful.

By this time, you probably know that the numerology birth date is one of these clues. This is probably the reason you are reading this report. Right?

Yes. We have the power of doing ANYTHING we want. This is the Free Will our God has given to us.

We also have dreams that we would like to achieve although not everyone has the courage to pursue. The reason is because the majority isn’t sure it is achievable.

Numerology can help you to discover the highest purpose and your better skills. It is a guide that gives you direction and confidence in yourself.

I stumbled upon Numerologist site and felt attracted to its numerology reading service. The site is ready to give away a free numerology chart so I firstly filled out the provided form with my name, birthday and e-mail address so I could be able to ‘taste’ before purchasing.

I rapidly received a free report called “How to change your life with numerology”

In report, it also explains the components of a numerology reading which the four cornerstones of the numerology are:

  1. Your skill and talent number
  2. Your reason in life
  3.  Your reason behind your motives
  4. Your traits

Numerology a.k.a. numerologie is a science and explains the analysis made for one’s calculations. It delivers the birth charts as follows:

a. Called name or numerology name
b. Called name heart’s desire. Which is a VERY interesting part of the name analysis
c. Base – primary nature
d. Ultimate goal number
e. Karma and the law of vacuum
f. Focus number
g. Building blocks of personality
h. Cornerstone of our fist name
i. Subscious Self
j. Correction lessons
k. Pinnacles of success.
l. Combination locks
m. Essence – You feel
n. Personal year
o. Personal months
p. Personal Days

Closing in the end with a summary.

The next day I received a short numerology chart. A mini-reading made of my full name and birthday in my inbox:

  1. My path life
  2. My expression number
  3. Soul urge

numerology path of life

They explain what we are interested in, the approach we take to solve our problems and deeper thoughts.

I must say I was so much impressed with this mini-reading that I decided to purchase the whole reading. I can assure you, provided the best reading I ever had. In the next lines I explain in detail what I received.

Of course I cannot tell you what is written about me though : ) it is a personal matter and in addition I don’t think you are interested in me, are you?

However what I received is so accurate and makes my life path so much crystal clear I am very grateful.

I received my numerology readings after 24 hours of my request, as promised.

The report is very well structured. Contains an index that quickly can point us directly to the item we are looking for.

Also contains another index which is more accurate for a specific time such as the age, months and days we are living in. This is very useful when we want to consult our chart in a daily, monthly or yearly basis.

For those like me that have felt lost several times, this detailed report is very helpful because it is indeed the LIGHT that allow me to see my path, the challenges I am to face and also the tools I have available to succeed.

The numerology report is made in such way that firstly described the essence of me in a very accurate manner (“I am certainly wowed by it”). My way of thinking, my philosophy, main concerns and abilities are found in this part of the report.

Then I found what describes my surroundings and opportunities for every step of my life going from the big picture to the detailed, from years to days. What kind of things may or will happen to me and what are the tools I have to succeed during these steps.

I personally recommend numerology report as it is very accurate, insightful and eye opening. If you get your numerology chart by, it may be your life time chance for the success you have always desired and deserved for you life.

You have the power of making your life a piece of art or nothing. You are exercising your Free Will right now!

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Discover How Your Name and Birth Date Are Shaping Your Life

When building a brick wall, there are rein­forcing rods, concrete foun­dations, mortar to hold the bricks in place and of course the bricks themselves. There is the bricklayer too, as there can be no design or pattern to the wall with­out his magical touch. You are such a wall and you are the architect of your life. Your name and date of birth are the bricks and mortar of your existence.

The numerology name is what your name means, derivate from the synthesis of it into numbers.

Ok. Mom and Dad have named you. So you don’t have a chance to improve your life?

Well you have two options:

  1. Know your skills, abilities and your purpose in life. Know exactly how to act and when.
  2. If above option still doesn’t fulfill your desires you have another. Some artists, singers, writers and so, have changed their names and have succeeded. The names we have, hold POWER. By knowing it’s meaning you have a very good chance of having a fulfilling life, full of joy and happiness.

Numerology calculation or birthday horoscope is the sum up of your birthday chart and name analysis.

name numerology

 Source: WikiHow

The most important 4 numbers of your numerology chart -a.k.a. numerologie are:

  1. Your Skill and Talent Number —

The Total of Your Entire Birth Date

The birth date in its entirety shows your inbuilt talent, the means by which you apply yourself to all you do throughout your life. This is the unchanging, but ever improving, skill base through which you interact with the world and the specific way in which you express your abilities.

The Skill and Talent Number or Life Path as it is often called, identifies specifically how you approach everything and how you utilize your inbuilt and instinctive skills, tools if you like, to make an effect on anything you touch or approach in life.

You would be surprised the level of detail numerology birth date chart describes your way of doing things. This is why you do things in your life and even just in your daily routines, the way you do, as opposed to others who do things in a different way. You might say that it is “just the way I do it and they do it their way because we’re different” but it is not just a random circumstance. People are unique, you are unique, and this is why some people are better at doing certain things than others.

  1. Your Reason in Life — Your Destiny — Your Name Meaning.

To each of us is given a Name and although many others may have one similar to yours, yours is unique because it has support from other aspects of your character that provide the vital difference.

Like an arrow, your name has a flight path, a Destiny, when released from the Archer’s bow. You have a beginning to your Life Jour­ney and the final target where you will one day land.

Also known as your Expression, your Destiny comes from the name you were given at birth and the many ways in which you use it. Interlaced with your name are components comprising and making up your destiny, your:

  • Intellectual and mental qualities
  • Physical alignment of your Personality
  • Emotional expression and sensitivity
  • Intuitive capabilities and extrasensory

When you employ your Skill Number with your Destiny Number, another means to express yourself becomes awakened.

Blair’s numerology reading is crystal clear. You will be wowed for this and will be stunned on how you can apply your little known skills to take your live to the highest levels of achievement.

date of birth numerology

  1. The Reason Behind Your Motives — Your Heart’s Desire Number

Every person aspires to achieve and is self-driven at some times in their life, and at others performs under threat, to avoid emotional or physical pain.

But once you appreciate the awesome power and the invisible guidance of the Heart’s desire number, you will know once and for all time the reason WHY you were motivated to go, do, or become the thing that is closest to your heart.

Your Heart’s Desire, also known as your Soul Urge, is calculated from certain letters within your name. An analysis and investigation of these special letters provides an understanding of why you are motivated, or not, toward anything you may come into contact with in your life.

  1. Your Traits — Your Birth Day Number

Like your First Name, your Birth Day has very special qualities. It is the identifier, the trademark, of much of what you do. This one num­ber has the role and responsibility of heightening and adding energy to many of your daily activities.

This is the tool you use most often and people will recognize this quality in every action you make: it is like the icing on the cake, the paint on the metal body of the car, the clothing that dresses the mannequin, the way the Samurai holds his katana (sword).

These are the 4 most important numbers of your numerology chart. Just by paying attention to these 4 numbers alone, you can lead a significantly more fulfilling life (although your entire chart should be examined for a complete and accurate picture).

A numerologist will always give you this kind of detailed information.

The numerology report you will receive is very detailed, comprehensive and easy to consult whenever you need help on making your decisions easier.

Does your future appear a little dark? Your numerology readings are like lamps you just turn on to see it clearly.

If you have found astrology an interesting field, you will find Numerology simply AMAZING.

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