The Combination Locks for Your Success Is In Your Name

Your name meaning is not only the Hebrew phrase you can find while browsing in internet. Mine is “God is my Judge” (For Daniel). That’s beautiful but doesn’t give me too much clue of my life right?

In Astrology, your birth date is the most important event in your life. Of course it is but it is not all. When you combine your birth date with your name, you have all the power of knowing your whole story in the earth.

In Numerology your name is converted into numbers and those numbers consistent of your name and birth date gives a UNIQUE fingerprint in the Universe. Numerology readings provide you with very important information so that you can profit abundantly from your life.

What the Emotional Transits do in Your Life – Name Meaning

This is the part where the Ingredients of people’s lives are formed, which influences every emotion and drives people on to do what they do. This section, in conjunction with the Essence, literally enables the Numerologist to see into the future.

Most people have an average of 3 names. These three names are written normally with the First names (Christian names) from left to right, followed by the Surname; i.e. in a series formation.

The way the name is written in preparation for analysis is different than simply writing it in sequence as above. Each name is written in Parallel, one above the other and in such a manner that the letters themselves are also extended or stretched out according to their numerical value.

This is like writing your name on a white balloon before it is inflated and then stretching it out so the name becomes elongated. If you remember the film “The Matrix” and all the green numbers, symbols and letters that were raining down the screens, this is what it looks like. Once you know the secret code format, you can read a person’s life in the Past, see their Present activities and look as deep into their Future as you like — and it’s all-accurate.

Each letter has an individual meaning, a duration of time, and is independent from the other letters. Sometimes it extends its energy beyond its fellow letters, and sometimes it is shorter than the letters around it.

These are the Transitional periods of each letter and to some degree look like the exchange in a relay race where the runners pass on the baton to the next runner. You will note there is never an exact period of exchange for all the runners and their batons at the same time, they are staggered. This is the form the letters have as they transit through your life and it is fascinating.

I hope you find Numerology as fascinating as I do. If you feel like commenting this blog please do so and perhaps you would like to share with your friends. They would like to check it out as well!

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