Discover How Your Name and Birth Date Are Shaping Your Life

When building a brick wall, there are rein­forcing rods, concrete foun­dations, mortar to hold the bricks in place and of course the bricks themselves. There is the bricklayer too, as there can be no design or pattern to the wall with­out his magical touch. You are such a wall and you are the architect of your life. Your name and date of birth are the bricks and mortar of your existence.

The numerology name is what your name means, derivate from the synthesis of it into numbers.

Ok. Mom and Dad have named you. So you don’t have a chance to improve your life?

Well you have two options:

  1. Know your skills, abilities and your purpose in life. Know exactly how to act and when.
  2. If above option still doesn’t fulfill your desires you have another. Some artists, singers, writers and so, have changed their names and have succeeded. The names we have, hold POWER. By knowing it’s meaning you have a very good chance of having a fulfilling life, full of joy and happiness.

Numerology calculation or birthday horoscope is the sum up of your birthday chart and name analysis.

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The most important 4 numbers of your numerology chart -a.k.a. numerologie are:

  1. Your Skill and Talent Number —

The Total of Your Entire Birth Date

The birth date in its entirety shows your inbuilt talent, the means by which you apply yourself to all you do throughout your life. This is the unchanging, but ever improving, skill base through which you interact with the world and the specific way in which you express your abilities.

The Skill and Talent Number or Life Path as it is often called, identifies specifically how you approach everything and how you utilize your inbuilt and instinctive skills, tools if you like, to make an effect on anything you touch or approach in life.

You would be surprised the level of detail numerology birth date chart describes your way of doing things. This is why you do things in your life and even just in your daily routines, the way you do, as opposed to others who do things in a different way. You might say that it is “just the way I do it and they do it their way because we’re different” but it is not just a random circumstance. People are unique, you are unique, and this is why some people are better at doing certain things than others.

  1. Your Reason in Life — Your Destiny — Your Name Meaning.

To each of us is given a Name and although many others may have one similar to yours, yours is unique because it has support from other aspects of your character that provide the vital difference.

Like an arrow, your name has a flight path, a Destiny, when released from the Archer’s bow. You have a beginning to your Life Jour­ney and the final target where you will one day land.

Also known as your Expression, your Destiny comes from the name you were given at birth and the many ways in which you use it. Interlaced with your name are components comprising and making up your destiny, your:

  • Intellectual and mental qualities
  • Physical alignment of your Personality
  • Emotional expression and sensitivity
  • Intuitive capabilities and extrasensory

When you employ your Skill Number with your Destiny Number, another means to express yourself becomes awakened.

Blair’s numerology reading is crystal clear. You will be wowed for this and will be stunned on how you can apply your little known skills to take your live to the highest levels of achievement.

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  1. The Reason Behind Your Motives — Your Heart’s Desire Number

Every person aspires to achieve and is self-driven at some times in their life, and at others performs under threat, to avoid emotional or physical pain.

But once you appreciate the awesome power and the invisible guidance of the Heart’s desire number, you will know once and for all time the reason WHY you were motivated to go, do, or become the thing that is closest to your heart.

Your Heart’s Desire, also known as your Soul Urge, is calculated from certain letters within your name. An analysis and investigation of these special letters provides an understanding of why you are motivated, or not, toward anything you may come into contact with in your life.

  1. Your Traits — Your Birth Day Number

Like your First Name, your Birth Day has very special qualities. It is the identifier, the trademark, of much of what you do. This one num­ber has the role and responsibility of heightening and adding energy to many of your daily activities.

This is the tool you use most often and people will recognize this quality in every action you make: it is like the icing on the cake, the paint on the metal body of the car, the clothing that dresses the mannequin, the way the Samurai holds his katana (sword).

These are the 4 most important numbers of your numerology chart. Just by paying attention to these 4 numbers alone, you can lead a significantly more fulfilling life (although your entire chart should be examined for a complete and accurate picture).

A numerologist will always give you this kind of detailed information.

The numerology report you will receive is very detailed, comprehensive and easy to consult whenever you need help on making your decisions easier.

Does your future appear a little dark? Your numerology readings are like lamps you just turn on to see it clearly.

If you have found astrology an interesting field, you will find Numerology simply AMAZING.

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