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No longer shall your name be called Abram, but your name shall be Abraham; for I will make you the father of a multitude of nations.” Genesis 17:5

You probably already know that what your NAME means is key and can be a POWERFUL domineering in life. The traditional birthday horoscope is consulted long time ago as well since birthday has also a profound impact in our life, dreams, and abilities.

Your birthday and name are part of the numerology calculation making this, one of the most accurate readings; let’s say in a branch of the astrology.numbers

I’m a very interested guy in these matters as I believe we all are blessed with special gifts that make us special and singular.

I also believe God has provided us with some clues which if we are aware of, we can make our life fulfilled and joyful.

By this time, you probably know that the numerology birth date is one of these clues. This is probably the reason you are reading this report. Right?

Yes. We have the power of doing ANYTHING we want. This is the Free Will our God has given to us.

We also have dreams that we would like to achieve although not everyone has the courage to pursue. The reason is because the majority isn’t sure it is achievable.

Numerology can help you to discover the highest purpose and your better skills. It is a guide that gives you direction and confidence in yourself.

I stumbled upon Numerologist site and felt attracted to its numerology reading service. The site is ready to give away a free numerology chart so I firstly filled out the provided form with my name, birthday and e-mail address so I could be able to ‘taste’ before purchasing.

I rapidly received a free report called “How to change your life with numerology”

In report, it also explains the components of a numerology reading which the four cornerstones of the numerology are:

  1. Your skill and talent number
  2. Your reason in life
  3.  Your reason behind your motives
  4. Your traits

Numerology a.k.a. numerologie is a science and explains the analysis made for one’s calculations. It delivers the birth charts as follows:

a. Called name or numerology name
b. Called name heart’s desire. Which is a VERY interesting part of the name analysis
c. Base – primary nature
d. Ultimate goal number
e. Karma and the law of vacuum
f. Focus number
g. Building blocks of personality
h. Cornerstone of our fist name
i. Subscious Self
j. Correction lessons
k. Pinnacles of success.
l. Combination locks
m. Essence – You feel
n. Personal year
o. Personal months
p. Personal Days

Closing in the end with a summary.

The next day I received a short numerology chart. A mini-reading made of my full name and birthday in my inbox:

  1. My path life
  2. My expression number
  3. Soul urge

numerology path of life

They explain what we are interested in, the approach we take to solve our problems and deeper thoughts.

I must say I was so much impressed with this mini-reading that I decided to purchase the whole reading. I can assure you, provided the best reading I ever had. In the next lines I explain in detail what I received.

Of course I cannot tell you what is written about me though : ) it is a personal matter and in addition I don’t think you are interested in me, are you?

However what I received is so accurate and makes my life path so much crystal clear I am very grateful.

I received my numerology readings after 24 hours of my request, as promised.

The report is very well structured. Contains an index that quickly can point us directly to the item we are looking for.

Also contains another index which is more accurate for a specific time such as the age, months and days we are living in. This is very useful when we want to consult our chart in a daily, monthly or yearly basis.

For those like me that have felt lost several times, this detailed report is very helpful because it is indeed the LIGHT that allow me to see my path, the challenges I am to face and also the tools I have available to succeed.

The numerology report is made in such way that firstly described the essence of me in a very accurate manner (“I am certainly wowed by it”). My way of thinking, my philosophy, main concerns and abilities are found in this part of the report.

Then I found what describes my surroundings and opportunities for every step of my life going from the big picture to the detailed, from years to days. What kind of things may or will happen to me and what are the tools I have to succeed during these steps.

I personally recommend numerology report as it is very accurate, insightful and eye opening. If you get your numerology chart by, it may be your life time chance for the success you have always desired and deserved for you life.

You have the power of making your life a piece of art or nothing. You are exercising your Free Will right now!

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