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Find out how the secret numerology meanings in your date of birth affect your life! Your numerology profile shows you your unique journey this lifetime, and reveals your special abilities and talents. If you know your life path number, you can reveal what destiny may have in store for you, and find out whether you are living up to your potential!

For this reason, some numerologists consider the life path number to be the most important number in your numerology profile.

When you know your life path number, you can gain a better idea of where you can find happiness and contentment as it gives you a greater understanding of yourself. You can use numerology meanings to improve your relationships, your career and your overall well-being.

how to find your life path number

How To Find Your Life Path Number

In 5 Easy Steps

To find your life path number, simply add together the day, month and year you were born. For example, lets work this out for popular actor Brad Pitt who was born on 18 December 1963.

Month of birth = December = 12 (1 plus 2 plus = 3), so December = 3.

Day of birth = 18 (1 plus 8 = 9), so his birth day = 9

Year of birth = 1963 (1 plus 9 plus 6 plus 3) = 19. Reduce this to one digit by adding 1 and 9 together to make 10 and then 1 plus 0 = 1)

Life Path Number (add the reduced month, day and year) = 3 (month) plus 9 (day) plus 1 (year) = 13; = 1 plus 3 = 4.

This means that Brad Pitt has a Life Path of 4, and his path is one of loyalty, stability, reliability and building for the future. Now let’s work this out for you.

Finding Your Own Life Path

  1. Birth month number (reduce to a single digit, if necessary): ————
  2. Birth day number (reduce to a single digit, if necessary):—————
  3. Add birth year numbers together and reduce their double-digit sum to a single digit result):—————-
  4. Add together your results for the birth month, day and year reduced numbers (you may get a double-digit result):————–
  5. Reduce the final double-digit sum of your calculation to get your Life Path Number:—————

What Your Life Path Number Reveals

Life Path 1 & Life Path 2

Life Path Number 1

If you have a life path of 1, you are a born leader with a pioneering, independent spirit. You have an innate talent for leadership and your life will present you with many opportunities to use this talent. You will want to pursue a career or life direction which enables you to display your strong independence and your ability to lead others.

Life Path Number 2

Your life path number reveals a born peacemaker. You seek harmony and balance in everything you do, and you seek to draw others together in harmonious ways. You relate well to others, although you can be extremely sensitive. However, you can learn to use this sensitivity as a gift in dealing with other people by helping to create cooperation and understanding between them.

Numerology Meanings – Life Paths 3 & 4

Life Path Number 3

Those with a life path number of 3 are born communicators and are often extremely creative and artistic. They can inspire others with their imaginative flair and are often spontaneous and enthusiastic in their approach to life. This is the number of joyous self-expression, so any career that involves an artistic outlet will be rewarding, such as speaking, writing, acting or coaching.

Life Path Number 4

If you have a life path of 4, you will have an inherent drive to work hard and create a secure future for yourself and your family. You are steadfast and reliable, great at maintaining systems and following rules. You will probably enjoy administrative roles where your practical nature can shine and you can showcase your organizational ability. You take your responsibilities in life seriously and are very dependable, preferring not to rock the boat.

Numerology Meanings – Life Paths 5 & 6

Life Path Number 5

This life path number is all about the love of change. You will probably dislike routine in your life and will seek out freedom. You’re probably very good at a number of different trades, although your natural inclination is to work in dynamic industries such as sales, public relations, marketing and communications.

Life Path Number 6

Those with a life path of 6 will have an innate drive to provide service and nurturing to others, whether it’s people, animals or plants. You will love to teach and provide wisdom to others and will often be involved in humanitarian efforts. You are able to provide counsel and support in times of need and would enjoy a career where you can assist others professionally, such as a counsellor or therapist.

Numerology Meanings – Life Paths 7, 8 & 9

Life Path Number 7

Those with a life path number 7 are attracted to the meritorious and spiritual aspects of life. Not content to take things at face value, a number 7 will study and analyze until they get to the bottom of things. They seek out knowledge and are often philosophical in their approach to the world. They make great teachers and spiritual leaders.

Life Path Number 8

This life path number is all about authority and mastery. Those with this life path number are born to be the boss, whether working for themselves or heading large corporations. These people have a natural gift for leadership and find it easy to motivate others. They tend to display good judgment and for this reason, they will find that people naturally come to them for advice and guidance.

Life Path Number 9

A life path number of 9 means a desire to express the idea of connectness and the ideals of universal love. You display a natural compassion and tolerance towards living things and will often be involved in humanitarian efforts. A person with the life path number of 9 is often attracted to the healing arts, or any vocation where they are able to utilize their desire to heal and help.

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