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Numerology Numbers – Your Personal Year Number

Do you know the best year for you to get married, move house, change careers or travel across Europe? Numerology numbers are the cosmic code of the universe. Every number has its own unique vibration, and when we understand how these affect our lives we can learn to use these energies for our benefit.

In numerology numbers your personal year number tells you what might be in store for you this calendar year. By knowing this number and what it means you can avoid difficulties and position yourself for more positive outcomes.

Your personal year number is one of the most important numbers in your life, so it’s worth working out what this is and what it means for you. Each personal year number has its own characteristics. Numerology numbers tell the story.

How To Find Your Personal Year Number

It’s easy to find your personal year number. All you need to do is add your month of birth + day of birth + current calendar year.

For example, if you were born on 5th August and you are in the year 2010, you would simply add:

5 + 8 + 3 (2010 reduced to a single digit by adding 2 + 1) = 16 = 7 (1 + 6 = 7)

In this example the personal year number is 7, a year of rest and rejuvenation as well as studying and spiritual pursuits.

Now you try it!

Personal Year Number 1

This is the year for new beginnings. It’s a great time to begin a new project, as you are placing the seeds for the next 9 years. It’s a time for independence, taking charge and focusing on numerology personal number 1yourself.

You are starting a new cycle so everything you do in this year will have consequences for your future. Focus on yourself and start planting the seeds for growth.

Use this year to change your image, work on self-improvement and focus on your personal goals.

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Personal Year Number 2

This is the year where you will spend a lot of energy relating to others. Use this time to listen, be sensitive and cooperate.

It’s a time for seeking harmony in everything you do, so expect some compromising and respecting the needs of others, a lot of the time above your own. It can be a time of delays and waiting, but by taking things slowly you will feel a sense of peace.

Although this is not a year of getting things done, adaptability and balance will be key.

Personal Year Number 3

This is a year when you find your creative juices are really flowing and you will want to express yourself in projects such as writing, public speaking or anywhere you can show an artistic flair.

It’s also a time where you will feel the need to express what is truly in your heart, so this can cause some turmoil and emotional upset.

If you get through this though, you will find that this year brings a lot of opportunity for joy and having fun. This is the time to really express yourself and speak your truth.

Personal Year Number 4

A 4 year is a time where the foundations of your future need to be laid down. It’s a time for setting up systems and putting down roots. You will feel the need to make things secure, and stability and bringing order to your world will be very important.

As well as this, a number 4 year is about family and home, so it’s about setting up these foundation pieces in your life, as well as dealing with any remaining family issues that need to be resolved.

Because of this it can be a time of upheaval as well as a time for building solid foundations.

Personal Year Number 5

More than any other year, this is the time to make any large changes in your life.

Whether you want a change of work, a change of direction or want to sell up and travel the world, a number 5 year will aid any kind or personal transitions. You may find yourself getting involved in new subjects, trying unusual hobbies or even going back to school.

This is the time when you can take the risks in your life that you’ve always thought about.

Personal Year Number 6

This is a time when you may be called upon to nurture or give service to family members and those you care about. It’s a year when your generosity and sympathy may be stretched to its limits by family demands and responsibilities.

Also, you may find that marital issues move to the forefront in this year, and you may be put in a situation where you have to decide whether you want to continue your relationship or move on.

This year will demand that you balance your needs against the needs of others.

Personal Year Number 7

This year will push you to do a lot of introspective analysis and you may find that you desire a lot more solitude and quiet in order to do this. You will feel the need for rest and peace as you look for inner guidance.

You may find yourself drawn to spiritual learning and mystical subjects. It’s also a time where you will want to achieve some kind of body detoxification and purification, so you will be drawn to diets, cleansing programs etc.

You will seek spiritual direction and will need to tap into your inner resources.

Personal Year Number 8

This is the ideal year to tap into the energy or power, success and money and achieve your goals in this area. You will find yourself taking the lead, whether at work or at home.

Others will look to you to oversee what needs to be done and you will find that you need to act as an authority in some areas of your life.

Money will flow easily to you during this time, but it’s not a year to be extravagant or selfish.

Personal Year Number 9

This is the time for finishing and bringing closure to all the loose ends of your life.

It is the end of a 9 year cycle, so you will be reaping everything you sowed in the 8 years prior to this. The energy of this year is about letting go, finishing and looking ahead to the next 9 year cycle.

Use this time to wrap up any outstanding issues or unfinished business and forgive and forget any ongoing problems. This is the year to prepare for the next 9 years!

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